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The Lantern Festival is a one of China’s most traditional celebrations and falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Varieties of lanterns are hung in the streets and children make their own to show off in village parades. Other traditions include posting riddles on the lanterns for people to decipher. The dragon or lion dance often accompany the festivities and delicious rice dumplings are eaten on the day.

The art of Chinese lantern making began in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.). This was a significant period of time for science and invention and the handcrafted arts took on purpose for beauty as well as practical needs of day-to-day life.


Originally lanterns were simply for lighting. Over time, however, Chinese lanterns evolved into art forms. Today, Chinese Lanterns are a cherished part of festivals and celebrations. As Buddhism flourished in China, lanterns were lit at the Imperial Palace and temples in a show of respect for Buddha.

Original lantern construction varied according to purpose. Palace lanterns were made of the finest silk or glass over the best wood. The traditional red lanterns, recognized around the world, used red gauze stretched over bamboo. Shadow-picture lanterns used a paper wheel inside which turned when heated, creating moving pictures around the outside of the lantern.


Today, these rayon, medicine bottle, and porcelain lanterns are fabricated of modern materials and technology. Our lanterns are brilliantly lit up with colored bulbs, enlivened by music and sound effects, and visual moving parts. You'll discover larger-than-life imaginative shapes, and an entirely new experience.

The Hanart Culture Chinese Lantern Festival is a premier event of colorful and lively interactive entertainment immersing guests with the culture, music, arts and life of authentic China. A perfect evening among a splendorous outdoor setting.

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