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There is something for everyone to enjoy at Hanart Culture's Chinese Lantern Festival-- whether it be food, crafts, music or dance shows. Below is a sample of what you will enjoy with an outing to the Festival:


Enjoy amazing concert played with traditional instruments









Watch authentic Chinese folk dance shows











National dance with Chinese characteristics

Live Kung Fu / Chinese Martial Arts Performances 

An ancient traditional folk art in China, is the earliest art of motion shadow pictures dubbed by people in the world

Shadow Play Backstage.JPG

Be sure not to miss the professional folk artists’ demonstration of traditional craftsmanship with several thousand years of history and take these items home as souvenirs or gifts.

The Land of Happiness

IMG-5367 (1).jpg
Shadow Play kids.jpg
2019 Fairplex

Do you know our Chinese Mythical creatures?

Learn, Ride, and Be Inspired.




Kids like to play Shadow Puppetry













Did you know, our Chinese Dragon, or Lóng (龍, 龙), is stretching over a 100-yard long, and created from Chinese blue-and-white porcelain table plates, tea cups and bowls.  See if you can count them all! 

Excite Your Senses At The Chinese Lantern Festival
Get Inspired and Improve Your Wellbeing

  How to get the most out of your Lantern Festival Experience:


  • Arrive early to watch the amazing transition from day to night.

  • Grab the event brochure and pay attention to show times so you don't miss a thing!

  • Check the forecast and dress appropriately for weather conditions

  • Wear comfortable shoes!  It’s a decent walk if you wish to see the whole exhibit

  • Have a question? Don't be afraid to ask our staff!

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