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What Visitors Are Saying

About the Hanart Culture

 Chinese Lantern Festival 

"Amazing! A must see whether you're 5 or 50. Magical." — Brian N.

"Fun for all ages! Don't miss the Kung Fu hows and we bought souvenirs with a hands-on moment for our 5-year-old."

Heather D.


"You are AMAZING!!!! My friends and I really LOVED all of your BEAUTIFUL lanterns and more! We had so much fun! Thank you from my heart for sharing my pictures and post at your amazing event! I am looking forward to attending again next year!" — Amy B.

"It's a great family event. The lantern show was a big surprise from what we expected. Lanterns covered the entire park area. The lanterns were actually over-sized creatures and designs that were just beautiful. Amazed that each is hand-made." — Linda H


"Great collection of lanterns and a terrific way for family and friends to get out and enjoy this event. Location was good too with enough parking." — Nadine S.

"Absolutely loved the Lantern Festival!" — Anne M.

"Really nice walk through and bonus fun for the live performance. I recommend it." — Marcus W.


 "Great show... performance .... and great lights." — Vanessa A.

"Wonderful experience for the entire family!" — Rene H.

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