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Journey through a wonderland of illuminated larger-than-life lanterns inspired by  wild world.

Select nights

Wednesday - Sunday
5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

Up Coming Presence

Birmingham Zoo

Bronx Zoo

Zoo Atlanta

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Philadelphia Zoo


NEW illuminated theme ' Beautiful Life' 

Experience The Magical Chinese Lantern Festival  like never

before with bigger & brighter stunning lanterns inspired by nature. Bring the family come and celebrate.


  • Experience awe-inspiring lantern displays that tower up to 30 feet high and 85 feet wide ... even a 100-yard-long breathtaking Chinese Dragon

  • Explore vibrant lanterns depicting the four seasons of nature & animals in their native environments.

  • Adventure through the Amazon Jungle or journey deep into a vast wonderland with animals, insects & reptiles, plus exotic trees and illuminated plants.

  • Savor food and drinks

  • Enjoy authentic Chinese live  show

  • Taking your photo with lanterns

  • Shop folk art souvenir booths

  • Kids activities







The Magical Chinese Lantern Festival 

 Produced by 'HANART CULTURE'

Travel through the art of  lantern making, dating back to 2,000 years ago, with a modern twist. Each lantern is hand-crafted of modern materials and eco-friendly colored LED light bulbs, as well as visual moving parts to create larger-than-life imaginative displays. Let the wonders of illumination guide you through a cultural experience for all ages.



Let's Celebrate “The Wild” Theme 


As you visit each location, the animals change and transport guests to experience from throughout the world.


Witness cheetahs, jumping dolphins, majestic cranes and travel back in time with our dinosaurs. Travel the globe by walking through America, Oceania, Asia, Antarctica, and Africa.


From modest origins of paper and silk, the Chinese lantern has evolved into wondrous shapes and sizes — turquoise and aqua-marine giant jellyfish, brilliant straw-colored and black-spotted cheetahs, glowing orange and green praying mantis, and ladybugs the size of small children.

The Magical Chinese Lantern Festival boasts lively entertainment, traditional crafted, interactive fun. A delightful family cultural event.

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